Hello world!

For my first post I will announce some good news into the blogsphere  – I’ve had my first article in print!

I just found it on the magazine website, and it’s great to see my name in print. Can’t wait to get the hard copy!
cover mtl fam

I’m so glad that a good friend recommended Montreal Families to me (Thank you Keren!). I never realized how much I would like journaling (is this even a word? I vote – yes), and branching out from fiction is so satisfying. It’s great to write out of the box sometimes!


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I have some very specific criticisms about your article. 1) You only seem to have interviewed one doctor. Did you look for a different opinion? 2) Your advice is textbook medical profession. Many people co-sleep and do so safely. The statistics found here:
    http://www.babysake.com/currentinfo.htm seem to indicate that 0.5% of neonatal babies die from SIDS. I assure you this is more than the number of co-sleepers but ties nicely with the rate of prescription drug use.

    Dr Sears also speaks contrary to your article. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/7/T071000.asp

    I have sent a letter to the editors of Montreal Families with these comments. You do write well and I hope that you will take the time to write a counter article after appropriate research.

    David McLeod

    1. Hi David – Yes the article is textbook, the information is as laid out by the Canadian Pediatric Society. The aim was to give the facts to new parents. The article was not a debate about co-sleeping
      Did you find it anti co-sleeping? I did not voice an opinion on co-sleeping, as I do not believe it is an author’s place to push their views on others .
      (I myself co-slept with both my kids untill they were 3 years old.)
      Thanks – an article about this particular debate would be a good idea!

      1. I think that an article as one sided as this one misinforms by omission. Before we were parents we thought you just put your kid in a crib and they sleep. This is false except for a minority of kids. We adapted but some parents will slavishly follow such advice to the detriment of their kids.

        This is a little like discussing circumcision without discussing the options.

        Yes, the pediatric society says to put kids on their back to sleep. I fear this is an issue motivated answer since a doctor knows they can’t be sued as long as they toe the politically correct line. Fear of malpractice is also responsible for a huge upswing in unnecessary cesarian section births.

        I would like to read any article you write about co-sleeping.


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